Your new website is just around the corner.

It couldn't be more simple.

If you've always known that you needed a website, but had no idea where to start: you've found the right guys...

Follow Me Creative are here to make your life easy. Not only do we build your website, but we host it (so it's actually live on the internet); maintain and update it (events details, a new company telephone number etc); give you a domain name (that's the bit) and give you an email address.

For just £35 per month (and that's INCLUDING the VAT), we do all of this for you. There's no back end administration to spend hours getting lost in when you simply want to update a phone number or a picture on your site. Easy!

So what do I get?

For any standard package (that's the £35 per month one) you'll get the following four pages and, of course, your own exclusive email address:

Home page

A home page is how you welcome your customers or fans to your new site! A couple of images, a phone number and some text about what you do.


This is where you go into more depth about who you are, what you do and why... again, a few more images added to avoid it being a boring text-filled page.


Photos and/or graphics of your work! Customer testimonials, that kind of thing. We can make the images fade in and out of each other if you wish.


All of your contact details would be on this page, plus a simple form to fill out for enquiries. Fancy a map of your businesses location? Done.


Your brand new email address will make perfect sense and be tied in neatly with your website name - for instance, It always looks so much more professional than simply having a Hotmail, Windows Live, Gmail or Yahoo address.

We supply you with all the info you need to get your new email working with, say, Microsoft Outlook and you can always access it online from ANY computer or smartphone.

Need multiple email addresses for your co-workers or? No problem... we can sort that.